Parent Resources

Carpool Program

The carpool program is a free service provided by the PSO and is available to help Great Hearts Harveston parents find other families in their neighborhood to organize a carpool for the 23-24 school year.

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Health Office:

The goal of our health office is to aid in the health and wellness of your student, by making sure students are current with their vaccinations, are compliant with our illness policies, and to keep your student at school and learning when possible.

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Spalding and Phonograms:

Academic success begins with literacy and The Writing Road to Reading program, developed by Spalding Education International, is the cornerstone of the elementary experience at Great Hearts. Students begin with learning the basic building blocks, the phonograms, of the English language in order to learn how to read, write, and spell.

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Singapore Math:

A Great Hearts education is deeply rooted in problem solving and critical thinking. The Singapore Math curriculum places problem solving as the central idea of its framework. Word problems are often the last thing on the page in U.S. mathematics textbooks whereas word problems exist on every page of a Singapore math textbook. Concrete objects such as number disks, Popsicle sticks and dried beans are used as manipulatives in order for students to understand the abstract language of numbers.

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School Supply List:

Make sure your scholar is ready for the first day of school. Click below for a comprehensive supply list for each grade.

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Family Handbook:

Parents and guardians, please take the time to read through our entire handbook. We encourage you to read pertinent portions with your students, such as the mission statement, dress code, and honor code.

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